World of Erndorth (Age of Light)

Taven Tales 1

Tavern Tales #1

(Campaign Newsletterfor the World of Erndorth)

CAMPAIGN JOURNAL Player Characters:

Mike: Grang(1st level Human Barbarian)

Rick: Lar(1st level Human Barbarian)

Jerry: Erik(1st level Human Fighter)

Bifferd: Horrich(1st level Human Druid)

Player Deaths: No deaths this time around :-( Although we did have 2 players; Erik and Grang; captured by Errvikar the Orc.

Attendance: Paul, having worked until 6am or so the night before was not able to attend, but says he will next session.


The Arrival – The day that the rest of the Brecht pagons arrive in the rath of High Oak, the players hear the Helvetii tell a tale of coming across a large group of dead orcs of the Deathfang Tribe just east of the Rathing Highlands. It seemed to them that a large battle had ensued with the Deathfang as the obvious looser of the battle. The Helvetii believe it to be an internal civil war, as there were no signs of any opposing enemies who could have killed the over one hundred Deathfang orcs.

Pit Fight – The Helvetii pagan decides to hold a impromptu match-up in which each participant antes up a cow with the winner receiving all the cows from each looser. After 5 match-ups, 8 cows, 5 daggers and a slave, Lar ends up winning everything.

Cheat’n Bastard – During the fight with Lar, Duritas of the Helvetii decides to make it personal and use the business end of his axe against Lar. Duritas is defeated anyway and a fight ensues between the Helvetii pagon and the Carnuti. Horrich the druid decides the battle in favor of Lar and in restitution, Duritas gives Lar his most valuable slave; a young half-elf woman named Lyneese.

Honor Hunt – The leader of the Venetes arranges a boar hunt that night, with the pagons who collect the most boars being allowed to claim all boars slain by all other pagons as their own. With said boars to be gifted as an offering to the druids the following day for the Lugnasadh celebrations.

More Than Mere Boars – While hunting boars, the party encounters some tracks belonging to some very large humanoid creatures. Horrich quickly determines them to be relatively fresh orc tracks and the party decides to go back to the rath to warn the Arch-Druid. Along the way the partyis attacked by an orc scouting party. After the orcs are slain, the party discovers that the dead orcs are of the Black Fist tribe. The party resumes their rapid return to High Oak.

The Battle – The party quickly warns the Arch-Druid of the impending danger and he rallies the few remaining warriors and druids in the rath to the great oak to prepare for an attack. During the attack the party is very nearly wiped out by a seemingly endless onslaught of orcs. Both Erik and Grang fall while the rest of the party makes for a hasty retreat north away from the forest. After a vicious battle, the party; or what’s left of it; run just in time to witness a giant winged humanoid monster of some description, take down the Arch-Druid, bind him in some magical field and disappear with his unconscious form in a great billow of smoke and fire, while the unconscious forms of both Erik and Grang are taken prisoner by a powerful Black Fist warrior named Errvikar.


The Brecht are a settled, nature-worshipping people native to the highlands of western Gharakaag. The Brecht speak their own language which is a dialect of Tuath which has been heavily influenced by both Khazrani and the local dialects of Orcish.

Brecht Terminology:

Handfasting – The Brecht form of marriage which lasts from one Lugnasadh celebration to the next, at which time the couple may decide to continue the arrangement if it pleases them, or to stand back to back and walk away from one another, thus bringing the marriage to a formal close.

Pagon – The Brecht word for a clan. The word pagoni is used to refer to a clansmen. The word pagon was corrupted to the word pagan by the Aldarians to refer to the Brecht as a whole. But to the Aldarians, the word is more of an insult to be hurled than a simple word for clan.

Rath – The Brecht term for a settlement or village. They are however rare, with most Brechts living on small farmsteads made up of near family members.

Oppida – A Brecht ring-fort. A circular fortification built of unmortared stone, normally with a single gateway. A oppida is usually between 130 and 160 feet in diameter. Oppida are single story affairs, with sheer walls between 20 and 30 feet high


The Brecht use the druid calendar of the Tuath and some of their most important holidays are:

Imbolc (Sun’s Dawn 1st) – Celebrates the end of winter and the hopefully swift return of warmer weather.

Ostara (First Seed 16th) – The Spring Equinox.

Litha (Second Seed 1st) – Fertility celebration.

Beltaine (Mid Year 19th) – The Summer Solstice and midsummer celebration.

Lugnasadh (loo-na-sah)(Last Seed 1st) – Named after the god Lugh and held in his honor, This is the first of 3 harvest feasts as well as a craft fair of sorts in which Brecht craftsmen display their talents.

Mabon (HearthFire 25th) – The Autumn Equinox and second harvest feast.

Samhain (sow-in)(Frost Fall 1st) – The Brecht new year and their most important holiday as well as their third harvest feast.

Yuletide (Evening Star 22nd) – Winter Solstice


While the Brecht have a host of gods which they revere, the chief god among them, and the only god they openly worship is Daghdha. For it is he who controls the cycles of the year, and it is through his watchful eye that the Brect are able to survive the harsh lands of Gharakaag.

Arawn (Arwin) – The god of the dead. Arawn takes a male form to the Brecht.

Belenus (Solsek-Ro) – God of fire and to the Brecht he is also the sun god.

Cernunus – The guardian to the gates of the underworld. Also the patron of hunters.

Daghdha – The principle deity for the Brecht and the only deity which has any priests (called druids) among the Brecht.

Diancecht – The god of healing.

Epona (Ehlonna) – The Brecht fertility goddess and patron of horses.

Lugh – God of crafts and metalworkers. The celebration of Lugnasadh; in addition to being the first harvest feast, is also to honor Lugh

Mathonwy – The god of the arcane and the patron of Brecht Sorcerers.

Morrigan – The Brecht goddess of war.

Oghma – Keeper of all Brecht lore and knowledge, as well as the patron of Brecht skalds (bards).

Taranis (Tempest) – God of weather whose name means “thunderer”.


My mothers dah told me that there was once a great hunter who angered Cernunus by slaying one of his sacred white stags. In his anger, Cernunus transformed the hunter into an oak tree. The oak tree still stands to this day and is the very one which lies at the heart of our rath.

The Death Fang orcs and the Shadow Spear orcs were at war with one another until only a few years ago when the Death Fang drove the Shadow Spear south. The Shadow Spear tribe has not been seen near Brecht lands since then.

The Helvetii found a large group of slain Death Fang orcs along the way to High Oak. The battlefield lies not seven days south-east of the rath. I hear tale that the Shadow Spears have regrouped and are now strong enough to take revenge on the Death Fang, after they wipe them out, they will surely attack the Brecht next.

The High King of a great tribe known as the Aldariah have attacked Blackport. They are now in control of all of the eastern lands along the coast. Not even the Red Skull orcs are able to stand up to their might.


What happened to the Death Fang Orcs? And is it somehow related to the Black Fist attack on High Oak?

Why did the Black Fist, an orc tribe that is based so far away, come all the way into the Rathing Highlands to attack High Oak?

Why did the Black Fist not pursue the survivors of the attack for more than a few miles?

What in the name of Daghdha was that large winged beast that abducted the Arch-Druid? And why did it go through so much effort to capture him when it would have been far less costly to the orcs to simply kill him?

The timing of the orcs attack could not have been more perfect. By waiting until most of the Brecht warriors were scattered in the forest hunting boar, their effectiveness as a fighting force was severely weakened. Is their timing mere coincidence?

Where did the Black Fist take their prisoners? Can they be freed?


Bifferd, Jerry, Mike, Paul, Rick


Monday, July 26th; 12pm @ The usual place

Food: If you all wanna order food during the game, I suggest that everybody bring at least $3 dollars each so that we can all put in for it, Otherwise its everybody for themselves.

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