Welcome to the World of Erndorth

The Age of Light

A land of wonder and adventure, a place that has witnessed the rise of mighty empires, powerful city-states, and realms ruled by great and noble lords. It is also a world at the edge of darkness: old kingdoms collapse into decadence, while humanoid tribes emerge to reclaim lands they once possessed. Ancient evils stir in their slumber, worshipped by dark minions who seek nothing less than the utter destruction of civilization and the peoples who created it. The civilized world is besieged on all sides by the insidious forces of chaos and destruction, slowly giving more ground with each passing decade. The time has come to stand fast against the darkness, to turn back the armies of darkness, and to reclaim the land for man and his kin. It is a time for heroes to emerge, to walk in the paths of legends, and to forge legends of their own.

World of Erndorth (Age of Light)